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Embrace the History of Viking Gods and Goddesses 

Have you ever thought of owning a Norse God Statue? Now you can! Our workshop made it possible thanks to the hand-carved wooden figurines of Mythical Gods, ideal for completing the Viking style decor. Crafted from quality materials with attention to detail, these Norse Wooden Figurines will make you love them from first sight. 

In Norse Gods We Trust

Back in history, the Norse mythical gods and goddesses were adopted by the northerners under the influence of Germanic paganism. The ancient literature and archeological artifacts have helped humans to learn more about North Deities and how Vikings perceived them between the eighth and eleventh centuries. Since the Vikings were polygamists, they venerated several Gods and Goddesses. However, among all the Deities, they were very devoted to the most significant Gods. They became even more famous in recent years thanks to movies and books representing them. 

The ancient manuscripts contain various information about Norse Gods: the hammer-wielding Thunder-God Thor, who fearlessly battled his enemies; the one-eyed God Odin, who thirstily sought knowledge throughout the world and presented the runic symbols upon humankind; the god Freyr and his sister Freya whose weather and agriculture assistance brought harmony and happiness to all mankind. The source texts mention numerous other Deities with enchanting abilities and brave exploits. 

Now, how amazing is it to create a kind of altar in your home with Norse Birch-tree hand-crafted figurines produced with love and passion towards ancient history? The wooden idols will not only add style and elegance to your home design but, in addition, they will emphasize your refined taste and cultural perception as well.

Viking Deities At Your Home

Today, our store offers you to dive into the mystical and fascinating Viking history with our Norse Wooden Figurines. All of them have been created with dedication and passion towards the Norse culture to honor Ancient Mythology. Perfect as home decor or gift ideas for our beloved. An impressive level of detailing makes each piece look like an original statue arrived from the past. Surprise your friends with the collection of the unique Norse Wooden Figurines.