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The Ancient populations believed that jewelry was more than a decorative accessory. Since they thoroughly believed in Gods and Goddesses, the help and support these deities could give warriors and sailors during their travels and battles were immense.

Eternal Accessories - origins of bracelets

The wearing of jewelry for adornment and ritual acts may have begun as early as more than 6000 years ago. Archeologists have discovered evidence of bracelet wearing in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China. Bracelets were initially made of glass, then of short tree branches, shells, stones, and finally of copper and bronze.

People have worn bracelets for centuries now. The materials and gems they used varied from time to time, but the concept of wearing jewelry on the wrist remained the same. Depending on religion and cultural usage, bracelets always had a profound meaning - the desire of showing one's wellness and richness, the need for protection and support in battles and wars, the seek for fertility and healthiness. 

The bracelet is the way To Add More Style

Nowadays, we do not attach sacred importance to bracelets and accessories. However, they remain an essential part of the modern man's wardrobe. By wearing a piece of jewelry, we can emphasize the sophistication of an outfit, give it rigor or break up a monochromatic look. You may communicate your sentiments by presenting a bracelet to the woman you like or the man you love.

Leather bracelets have an incredible advantage - they are extraordinarily comfortable on the wrists, discreet, and fit absolutely anyone, regardless of age or gender. They can get additionally decorated with stylish beads that represent Nordic, Celtic, or any other mythology. Bronze or silver clasps will add a touch of antiquity and class to any outfit at any age. 

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