Collection: Paracord beads & accessories | EDC

The selection of paracord beads and charms fascinate you and add class to your stylish looks with your own crafts.

Paracord charms and accessories

Every bead and clasp are hand made by metal casting and it`s can be used for decoration of Every Day Cary gear. For example you can use custom bead in lanyard for your favorite knife. Or you can use shackle as a clasp for survival paracord bracelet. The ability to use these accessories is not limited.

Why not express your personality through custom accessories if you can? Our collection of beads, clips, and charms will perfectly emphasize your character and your mood. 

Are you tired of your paracord’s simplicity and flatness? Add some custom beads inspired by ancient cultures, historical traditions or modern culture. These hand-crafted metal accessories will perfectly fit both your casual and formal outfits.