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Minimalist, ornate or flat, made of bronze, silver plated metal or silver solid, it is up to you what ring style to choose.

The ancient jewelry was initially pretty modest and flat in style. Its style became more complex and exquisite as the populations that wore it became more daring in commerce and exploits overseas. They sculpted various bronze and silver, including rings, necklaces, earrings, pearls, and clasps, with emblems of their beloved gods, animals, or weapons. Today, there is the choice of rings of different colors, shapes, and themes available than ever before, and you may choose the one that best suits you.

Accessories Habits From The Past

Scandinavian people of all statuses and socioeconomic levels wore rings made of bronze, silver, glass, and amber. Gold, by contrast, was for the rich, but it became much rarer after the Roman Empire collapsed. Rings were critical to the social and political stability of the kingdom. As sworn raiders and plunderers, the richest Lords would award goods to their warriors on merit, establishing friendships and dedication and significantly improving their prestige in the community.

It was common for noblemen to visit gem masters to purchase made-to-order rings. Their rings were known for their unique designs that included geometric motifs, animals, and other creatures. These rings came in several styles, including neck, arm, finger, and wrist rings, which were generally worn by males, while ladies used bracelets and brooches. Surprisingly, none of them wore earrings. Even though they encountered them throughout their trading days, they never warmed up to them.

Rings Of Your Dreams

Our collection of custom-made to-order rings will ideally suit different looks, from simple jeans and T-shirt outfits to a classic suit. The mix of ancient style, modern touch, and silver or bronze is ideal for displaying your inner power and wilderness of the soul to the world. The catalog is rich in forms and styles, making it easier than ever to choose the ideal ring for you or someone you'd like to surprise.

However, if the ideal jewel is not still there for you - we will be honored to create a unique accessory capable of satisfying you. Our made-to-order rings are an excellent gift to surprise you and your beloved ones.