Collection: Witchy jewelry

Witchy Jewelry  Amulets for men and women to make your life more magical and more meaningful.


Searching for some mystery to decorate your life?? Make your inner witch come-alive and get yourself connected to the supernatural side of the world with my unique handmade collection of captivating Witchy Jewelry.


Witchcraft: from then till now


The associations with an English word witchcraft usually misunderstood or has different interpretations. Starting from the practice of magic or occultism worldwide, some beliefs associated with the Western witch hunts of the 14th to the 18th century and ending with varieties of the modern movements like Wiccans or Goths. 

However, amulets aren’t solely used in Wiccan — people have long believed that they enhance spiritual growth and bring good luck. Occult motifs were used to give protection, help connect to the supernatural, and invoke some mystical energy, among other things. For instance, Ancients Romans often used them to bring a good fortune when heading into battle, Chinese had a special accessories such as needles decorated with symbols for acupuncture and at last, it was used in rituals for burying the dead by Egyptians. Moreover, symbolic witchy jewelry isn’t restricted anymore to religion. You can find a pagan symbol almost everywhere in our modern world. It can be seen around the necks of many of celebrities or teenagers. But, it’s kind of strange to see sometimes people wearing this kind of things and do not even realize the true meaning of it.


Witchy Jewelry - more than just accessories


I thrive on creating the unique and meaningful selection of Witchy Jewelry that is right just for you and can’t be seen anywhere else.  You can find your new favorite jewelry to awake your inner power in my Witchy Collection!

I also strongly believe, wearing jewelry is not just about fashion. In fact, it may deliver a messages to other people, according to cultural belief, tradition, and history, awaken your spiritual mind, maintain you stay focus on your goals and purposes and even protect you from evil. 

Whether you are fond of witchcraft, practicing magic, have a strong beliefs or associating with symbolism or just want to give an original present for Halloween, Witchy Jewelry Collection from my store is a perfect choice for you. 


Transform your inner and outer outfit into magic

The metal in the jewelry you wear, the form and the symbol holds magical power, too! Which design would be perfect for you and how to make a right choice? Pair a correct form, stamp and metal to receive a powerful and long-lasting mystical power.


For the custom orders, consult me in private. Allow me awaken your inner mystery by creating special design just for you. Let’s make magic happen in front of us!

If you like witchcraft, witchy, Wiccan or Gothic jewelry and share my love for these kind of art you`ll fall in love with my creations. Consider the Pentagram Pendants below.