Collection: Norse pendants and talismans

Norse pendants and other jewelry have a special atmosphere and energy. Each symbol has its own interesting history and place in the culture of the northern peoples. These jewelry will allow you to touch a piece of this story and feel the spirit of those harsh times and great feats that the Vikings performed while traveling on their magnificent warships.

The language of ancient symbols

Modern Vikings, jewelry for which are not just accessories, but have a special sacred meaning, are probably familiar with the Scandinavian culture firsthand. And for those who are interested in the aesthetics of the northern peoples not so long ago, information about the sacred meaning of such a seemingly simple thing as a pendant or pendant will be interesting.

Ancient amulets allow you to touch the history and atmosphere of Norse culture. The heroes of those times believed in the miraculous abilities of these items. Of particular importance were precisely those jewelry that was worn around the neck and was in constant contact with the body of the wearer. It was believed that a talisman worn close to the heart keeps its owner from harm.

Norse amulets, runes and talismans and nowadays have a reputation for magical artifacts. They can carry a different charge. Symbols carry positive energy that helps to improve the personal life of the wearer, the prosperity of his family and fertility, protecting from dark forces. The dark side of the symbol releases aggression and contributes to the manifestation of the prevailing traits of the character of the carrier.