Collection: Viking Silver rings

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Viking Silver Rings – the precious accessory to complete men and women extravagant look

No matter if you’re living at the Viking-age or at the 3rd Millennium, the accessories made from silver were always the best option to boost your self-image as well as prove the social status. 

The custom Viking Silver Rings from my collection are designed for both men and women to impress and make people wonder about unique symbolic crafted on it: from famous Viking-style motifs to powerful pagan symbols. Every piece of collection, thoroughly hand casted from silver solid.

Viking silver ring meaning

As it is known, Vikings were either farmers or fearless warriors. The Viking craftsmen created jewelry rich in geometric forms and designed it in intricate filigree. The Nordic civilization preferred rings, made form precious metal for three main reason. 

Firstly, a young boy who has reached a man status was given a ring to emphasize on importance and status, during initiation rite. Secondly, they also serve as symbol of appreciation and love. It was special present from the married Norsemen to his wife, while living for a long time to a war. Lastly, silver and gold rings served mainly as a currency for the people of Viking-era. Sometimes, their forms were especially made from soften metal with the purpose of cutting it easily and return to the finger after having pay for the goods.

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In this section of the online shop, you’ll find a variety of handcrafted silver rings for men and women inspired by Viking-style available for purchase. This collection of Viking rings demonstrates an exclusive design casted from silver solid and entirely handmade. 

The Viking Silver Rings inspired by Viking Age are definitely the next-level of modern accessories. All of them accurately represents impressive symbols from the Norse culture and can become your possession in one click.

In my collection, I combine the unique artistic expressions that make each rings' design evolve and change. If you are impressed by Viking rings made from silver, add to cart your favorite design and use it every day for your extravagant fashion.