Collection: Leather bracelets

Celebrate Your Style With Unique Leather Bracelets 

Add uniqueness to your style with our custom leather bracelets. Select unusual leather models to show off to your friends. Opt for a Norse dragon leather bracelet to customize your arm with a natural braided cord with custom metal clasps, or pick the Lion Head Bracelet to underline your wild spirit and sophisticated taste. 

Express Your Taste Through Custom Bracelets

Why follow the pack when you can lead it? Our unique picks get inspired by wildlife and mythology to bring a particular note to your everyday look. Emphasize your casual or evening outfit by selecting hand-crafted leather bracelets.  After humans learned how to use animals' skins for shoes and clothes crafts, they began using them for decorative scopes. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Scandinavian Vikings had an entire culture around leather-based jewelry.  

And as the years go by, the fashion for leather bracelets remains and somehow becomes even more popular in the last years. And it's pretty easy to understand since the bracelets are universal and can fit both males and females, no matter what age you are. They perfectly suit any occasion, from a date to an official meeting. You can combine them with different clothes and shoes, at any season of the year.

Inspired By The History

We believe that history is part of the future. That's why we give a particular value to the Celtic, Viking, and Pagan Mythology and celebrate the ancient cultures in the jewelry that goes over the centuries. How exciting is bringing a piece of Norse Art on your arm? 

Excellent Quality In Detail

The quality means a lot to us, so we select natural materials only for the base and quality metals for the accessories. All the bracelets get embellished with clasps made of Italian bronze and twisted leather cord. They perfectly wrap around the hand to emphasize the beauty of your hands. 

Perfect Gift Idea Is Here

If you are still guessing what present to choose for someone you love - it is the right place for finding the answers. This time you can present a special and unique gift for your beloved. We will ship the bracelet in a wooden jewelry box to impress the receiver even more. The custom leather bracelets are excellent for different occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, from holidays to moments, when there is no need for a special event to demonstrate to your loved ones what they mean to you.