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Mythic Slavic Decorative Figurines

Meet the selection of hand-carved wooden figurines representing Slavic Mythology Gods and traditional ornaments. 

The polytheistic Slavs religion embraced numerous Gods and Goddesses in their culture. The gods of the Slavs are mostly famous through a few chronicles, latopises, and folklore. Today we do not know for sure if the Slavic religion had an organized pantheon of gods we can compare to other European cultures such as Greeks, Romans, or Scandinavians. However, Slavs certainly had the deities they worshipped and venerated very loyally. 

The collection of Slavic wooden figurines offers an authentic choice of decorative statues made of Birch tree. Every figure undergoes a thorough process of hand-carving and fine sculpture. Perfect as home decoration, the Slavic wooden figurines will give your interior a touch of antiquity and originality. 

Slavic Gods History In Your Home

Before assuming Christianization, Slavic religion was a polytheistic one which means it was customary for them to worship various deities. They also saw the universe as a place teeming with enigmatic spirits, which they later incarnated as people and then cherished and honored. 

My store offers a choice of Slavic wooden figurines representing pagan deities. Whether you are willing to enhance your living place in a new way - go to the store and start shopping now. The figures will perfectly decorate your room and give the interior an authentic rustic touch. The Slavic wooden figurines will perfectly fit any inner style and add peculiarity to every design. Moreover, according to ancient beliefs, figurines serve as an excellent amulet for your home from negative thoughts and bad energy. Make your dwelling a cozy place with these Birch tree Pagan figures. 

The Slavic culture was strictly linked to its religion, rich in deities, traditions, and folklore myths. If you are into the historical decoration elements - Slavic wooden figurines would be an excellent choice. They could be a great idea as a gift for your beloved ones. Hand-crafted and carved with great care, these exquisite figures will be a perfect surprise for a birthday or anniversary gift.