Collection: Futhark rune beads

Authentic Style With Norse Rune Beads

Meet the collection of the Futhark Rune Beads made in Italian bronze. Ideal to use as paracord or hair beads. 

Viking devotees are probably aware of the tiny Rune Beads, which held enormous power during the eighth century when the strong Scandinavian warriors dominated the oceans. Their beards were often decorated in beads with ruined letters on the surface from Elder and Younger Futhark, and they loved leather and metal accessories. The spiritual force, even of Norse deities, was expressed by every runic character. Since the runes have had such a close association with Odin, people venerated them and even more. The legend says that initially, God Odin introduced them to the world by sacrificing physically to gain the power to understand runes.

Ancient History With A Big Meaning

Ancient people believed that the runes transmit a profound meaning that distinguishes them from other early examples of written language. The Vikings considered runes to be more than just letters, believing that they have metaphysical or even magical characteristics. The Norse and other Germanic people have been using the runes starting from the first century. They can now be found on the gravestones of the Norse forefathers and heroes.

Futhark: From Then Till Now

Researchers have established the word Futharks to define the Runic Alphabet from its first symbols, which seem to match our sounds of F, U, Th, A, R, and K. Ancient populations believed that wearing rune jewelry brought them luck and prosperity. In a short time, futhark rune beads became an essential part of folklore. 

The beads of the necklaces and festoons were produced out of amber or glass, while the ones that decorated the upper classes often included costly imports of jewels and crystals. Vikings adored using runes - they carved them on their helmets and used jewelry with the ancient inscriptions. One of the most popular items was the Futhark Rune Beads. Since most of them wore long hair and long beards, beads became very popular among the warriors. 

Modern Look At The Beads 

The Viking period has long gone, but we still admire their traditions. Their lifestyle fascinates and intrigues us. The bronze collection of futhark rune beads makes it possible to come closer to the ancient traditions and feel the Viking spirit on your body. The beads are accurately carved and have an authentic look. Refresh your style with the Norse handmade jewelry.