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Discover your warrior ancestry with handmade Spartan Jewelry Collection

Willing to express your man’s dignity and power non-verbally?  You’ve just taken the right step to fulfill your needs. Among the plenty of accessories on the market, you’re lucky to have found my unique collection of Spartan Jewelry. If you feel that Spartan Race spirit which belongs to the ancient times, then you might consider my handmade items with exclusive engraved symbols in the style of Spartans. 

The great way to show your honor and appreciation to the warriors of Sparta is to wear jewelry with the legendary symbols. Look for different styles of necklaces, rings or pendants that will help you to express your identity. There is a great choice of jewelry made of silver or bronze in Spartan styles in my online shop.

These days, Spartans survival pendants are worn by lovers of extreme adventure as well as enthusiasts of ancient mythology.  So why don’t you give it a try?

A great Spartan transformation – historical flashback 

Spartans are well known as the military force of Ancient Greece. Based at Sparta, the elite warriors were trained according to the strict rules in the spirit of valor and honor. From the age of 6, young boys were taken under the control of militaries to practice martial arts on a daily basis. When the boy reached 12, the training was ramped up. As it is known practically, they were stripped of most of their clothes, barely fed and not given a comfortable place to live. In theory, such training was an essential part of becoming a brave and resourceful warrior.

Thus, the harsh conditions and rude training made the Greek Spartans one of the most feared military forces.

What does the Spartan code of honor mean?

A widely known Spartan symbol is Laconia, which represents letter lambda (Λ) and was engraved on the Spartans' shields

The Spartan helmet has always been represented as a significant and wonderful symbol for Spartans. Undoubtedly, until today it evokes strength, courage, loyalty and power whenever our eye catches the symbol.  

Warriors of Sparta were renowned for their bravery and good tactics, which later on has led them to a triumph. 

Buying a piece of a Spartan Jewelry from my collection is a testament to the brave men that fought for Sparta.

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