Collection: Viking silver pendants

Fascinating Silver Viking Jewelry 

Meet the collection of Viking silver pendants and talismans in Norse style with a long history behind it. Every amulet is hand-crafted and carries typical Norse ornaments that will make you fall in love with them. 

If you think about the Viking Age, it must be runes, gods, and jewelry that immediately comes to mind. And that's true since they're all connected between them.

Superior Powers That Protect

The ancient Norse population culture had several mythological Gods and Goddesses. Every deity had its powers and meaning - some of them guided wanderers in their long trips, some blessed couples, and their fertility, others protected warriors during the battles. 

Runes occupied another important place in Norse life traditions - they believed the runes had supernatural powers and could protect them from illnesses, suffering, and even death. That is why the Vikings used to wear jewelry like beads, pendants, and rings depicting the Futhark runes.

Ancient Norse Symbols From The Past

The Vikings were very careful to make their jewelry. In particular, they created authentic precious masterpieces in which silver and bronze were the most frequently used materials for pendants, rings, and beads creation. The Mjolnir or Thor's Hammer, Valknut, and Tree of Life were the three most popular Viking symbols that they often crafted and wore as their collar pendants. Other items such as axes and arrowheads, coins and crosses, helmets, and ancient runes were of great use in Norse society.

Viking Jewelry in Modern World

The collection of silver jewelry offers a selection of Viking silver pendants representing different figures and runes of the Norse tradition when Vikings were mightful knights who traveled over the seas searching for new lands and riches. 

Every pendant is hand-crafted with typical Viking ornaments that look like authentic Norse warrior jewels. Make your outfit even more stylish by choosing one of these stunning talismans. 

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