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Each Viking ring has its own unique story associated with the Norse epic and mythology. All these symbols were revered by ancient warriors and inspired them in adventures and battles.

Norse rings in our days.

These jewelry were worn by both women and men. Rings were found in ancient Scandinavian burials. People of that time believed in the afterlife and believed that the amulet would help them not only in life, but also after death. Also, the rings were donated to the gods in order to appease them and enlist the support of higher powers.

Exclusive Viking bronze rings with legendary Viking Age design

Since remote ages, people used the rings mainly as a symbolic accessory. Such a historical ring from Viking Age have been always a fascination, either it is casted from non-precious metals or beautifully designed with the precious ones. Each jewelry, in its own way, reflects beliefs, religious, traditions as well as the specialties of lifestyle of Vikings.

In this section of the online shop, you’ll find a variety of handcrafted bronze rings for men and women inspired by Viking-style available for purchase. This collection of Viking rings demonstrates an exclusive designs casted from bronze solid and entirely handmade. All of them accurately represents impressive symbolic from the Norse culture.  

Wearing a ring in Viking Age

Similar to many cultures, rings were placed around the finger and was highly popular among both men and women. Every piece of such jewelry had its own unique story connected to the Norse mythology and epic. According to the archeological findings, the rings were carried by Nordic people, in a literal sense, to the grave. 

Vikings intended to show their power not only by using martial art, but unique style and fashion. Thus, they crafted numerous pieces of rings using bronze, silver or gold metals with spiritual for them ornaments and symbols. Nevertheless, the rings and other types of jewelry was a great way to make a deal, either to exchange, payoff or to buy goods. 

Choosing modern replications of Viking rings

Modern items of Viking-era rings are masterpieces of mythology and history. In my exclusive collection you’ll see the custom rings mainly oriented to Norse symbols. Find your best form that fits not only your finger but the inner soul of Norsemen.

In my collection, I combine the unique artistic expressions, that makes each rings' design to evolve and change. If you are impressed by Viking rings made from bronze, add to cart your favorite design and use it every day for your exclusive fashion.