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WikkedKnot jewelry

Odin skull bronze ring

Odin skull bronze ring

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Item Main Features:

- Material : Italian Bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% tin).

- Item made to order just for you.

- Free shipping for orders from 90 USD

A Glorious ring of powerful Odin’s symbols

This astonishing ring is so perfect that you can’t just take your eyes off it. Tasteful and rich, this Viking jewelry combines all the glory of All-Farther – the main God in Norse Mythology. Having this ring on your finger, is a true sign of reverence to the history.

The this exclusive ring is made from Italian bronze solid (88% Copper, 12 % Tin) by hand casting. Being finished in the form of skull, the design is fully dedicated to God Odin and all the symbols that are associated with him. According to Viking believes, he was worshipped as a God of death and war, but also seen as the God of war and wisdom. Around his figure, always exist magic and mystery. The famous spears of Odin are the brave wolfs Geri and Frekki, and loyal ravens — Huggin and Munnin. This gorgeous ring depicts Odin with one eye, as he lost the other one in order to attain a hidden knowledge. What’s more the ring features the Odin’s skull and with Valknut symbol on the forehead (signifies fallen warriors, who died gloriously). To make an accent, master engraved on both sides of the ring two ravens holding the skull (the ears of Odin).

You won’t regret purchasing this divine skull ring for you or loved ones, who like custom Nordic, Pagan or Asatru jewelry. A great combination of high-quality material and glorious symbols provides with all-time trendy Viking jewelry.

Description of Odin skull bronze ring:

  • Material: Italian bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% Tin)
  • The ring is made for order.
  • It`s ready for shipping in 5-15 working days.
  • Average weight : +/- 24 gm or 0.84 oz
  • Shipping in cardboard with logo box.
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