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Veles wooden statue - altar candle holder

Veles wooden statue - altar candle holder

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VELES: Slavic god of the mother nature

Do you want an original addition to your home Altar? If you are a Slavic Art admire, you should definitely consider a handmade wooden statue of Veles, a glorious God of the Earth.

A dominant cult of Veles has been widely spread among the Slavs. Along with Perun, they were worshiped and honored from the Carpathians to the Balkans in every settlement. Veles believed to related to the nature, crops, animals and magic in Slavic mythology. Usually, he was depicted as an old bearded man with stick in his hand. He was specially praised at the times of harvest. This wooden statue is hand carved from Birch tree in the form of a candle holder. The base material is truly sacred for Slavs, because it was believed that the Birch is a World Tree. Having a wooden statue of Veles at your home, provides you with prosperity, growth and wisdom. It can be used as element of decor, candle holder, or an item for special ritual.

Undoubtedly, this wooden statue is designed for the ones who highly cherish Slavic culture and art. It will become a perfect addition to your home altar. Bring nature to your own dwelling by purchasing a wonderful wooden statue of Veles!

    Description of Veles altar candle holder:

    • Wood carved figure.
    • Made from Birch tree
    • It`s ready for shipping in 2-5 working days.
    • Average weight : 80-100 g.
    Wooden altar size:


    • Candle holder diameter: 1 1/2 inch | 4 cm
    • The Height is: 4 1/2 inch | 11,5 cm.
    • The Width is : 2 1/2 inch | 6 cm.


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