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WikkedKnot jewelry

Viking wolf leather bracelet

Viking wolf leather bracelet

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The LEATHER BRACELET of two loyal wolves

Don’t you know that the best way to refresh your look is to find something you believe in? As long as you feel satisfied about what you’re wearing, success will follow you wherever you go. In my store, you can find exclusive bracelets to express your savage personality.

This mysterious wolf bracelet is a custom made accessory intended to please any Viking mythology lover. It consists of natural leather cord and wolf head charm made from solid bronze, brass or sterling silver. For many centuries, Vikings used images of animals to decorate their own jewelry. Each one had a particular purpose and meaning. Wearing a bracelet with a wolf's head means to feel the presence of supreme God Odin. These two wolves called Freki and Geri, had a special power to travel across the different worlds. Thus, they were accompanying Odin during the important battles. Moreover, they are considered to be first teachers of values ​​for the human being.

Purchase this exclusive men’s bangle to underline your braveness and loyalty. Also, this leather wristband will be a good gift for men, who admires legendary characters from Viking Mythology.

Description of wolf leather bracelet:


  • Material: Italian bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% Tin) and natural leather cord
  • The bracelet is made for order.
  • It`s ready for shipping in 2-10 working days.
  • Shipping in cardboard with logo box.
  • The leather cord diametr: 8 mm | 3/10 inch


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