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Mask of Odin signet silver ring

Mask of Odin signet silver ring

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A protective signet ring of mighty god Odin

When choosing a ring for yourself or as a gift, there are two things you shouldn’t overlook – quality material and recognizable design that makes you feel special. The protective signet ring inspired by Vikings is just what every man and woman need to highlight their meaningful look.

The exclusive signet rings are custom-made from Italian bronze or Silver 925 solids (according to your preference) by hand casting. The Norse mythology admires will be impressed by the symbolism that is in the base of this ring. In the center of the signet ring, there is stunningly engraved Mask of Odin. Pagans have been using this symbol as a protection for centuries due to its deep connection to All-Farther. Moreover, there are legendary Odin’s ravens (Huginn and Muginn) depicted on the both profiles of the ring. As a loyal messengers they were performing an important mission of delivering information to the God’s ear. From the Old Norse the names interpret as “thought” and “memory”. Thus, wearing a ring with these symbols help the owner to channel his mind and thoughts into right diction.

Whether you prefer Nordic, Norse, Viking, Pagan or Scandinavian jewelry, this signet ring will make a perfect addition to your historical look. Remember, this is more than a ring, as it represents one of the most powerful Viking beliefs.


Description of silver mask of Odin ring:

  • Material : Sterling silver solid (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper).
  • The ring is made for order.
  • Average weight (depends on size): +/- 19 gm or 0.68 oz
  • The ring is ready for shipping in 5-15 working days.
  • Shipping in wooden jewelry box.


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