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Aegishjalmur bronze pendant with serpent

Aegishjalmur bronze pendant with serpent

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Unleash the Magic of the Helm of Awe with this Italian Bronze Pendant

Looking for a unique piece of jewelry that embodies the rich history of Norse mythology and Viking lore? Look no further than this stunning pendant, featuring the iconic Helm of Awe, also known as Aegishjalmur.

This powerful symbol is taken straight from the pages of the Poetic Edda, where it played a central role in the epic tale of Sigurd and his triumph over the fearsome dragon Fafnir. Today, the Helm of Awe is revered as a potent emblem of Icelandic magic and mysticism.

Crafted from solid Italian bronze, this pendant is a true work of art. The intricate details and expert craftsmanship make it the perfect accessory for anyone with a love of Nordic, Celtic, or Viking-inspired jewelry.

So whether you're looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle nod to your favorite myths and legends, this Helm of Awe pendant is the perfect choice. Order yours today and experience the power and beauty of this timeless symbol for yourself!

You can add simple rubber cord for this pendant or bronze leather necklace.

     Description of Aegishjalmur bronze pendant:

    Pendant size:
    •  height: 1 9/10 inch | 50 mm
    •  width: 1 1/4 inch | 32 mm
    • Material: Italian bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% Tin)
    • It`s ready for shipping in 1-5 working days.
    • Shipping in cardboard with logo box.
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