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Odin wood carved figurine

Odin wood carved figurine

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Wooden figurine of Allfather

Many centuries had passed since vikings inhabited our lands, though the glory of ancient heroes is not forgotten. Nowadays, you can have a powerful statue of Norse God right in your house in one click.
Odin (Wodan, Wuodan, Wuotan) was widely worshiped by pagans in German, Scandinavian and Norse mythology. A unique item, which you are about to purchase, is made from birch tree. This is a wooden handcarved figurine specially designed for mythology admires. You may find an accurately carved Odin`s name in old Old Norse "Óðinn" on the front side of figurine, and the image of the God itself. He is portrayed on the figurine as one eyed because, according to the myths, he traded it in order to receive a saint drink of wisdom from Mímisbrunn. That’s the reason everyone associated Odin as a God of hidden knowledge, war, royalty healing and death. He literally dies and resurrects himself to be worshiped as an AllFather.
The handmade wooden sculpture of God Odin will perfectly fit any Viking design of house or might be considered a treasury discovery for anyone interested in myths of ancient Norse world.

Description of Odin wooden figurine:

  • Wood carved figure.
  • Made from Birch tree
  • It`s ready for shipping in 2-5 working days.
  • Average weight : 80-100 g.
  • The height is 6 inch | 15 cm.


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