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Njord wooden statue

Njord wooden statue

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The wooden statue of Njord: Norse god of sea and wind

For centuries, Vikings have been venerating many Gods connected to weather and natural power. As a famous seafaring people, they adored and worshipped the God of sea and winds. Purchasing a wooden statue from my shop for your home altar, is a great step to receive Norse God’s unlimited power and appreciation.

The wooden statue of Njord is made in the primitive Viking art style by the hands of professional master. It is handcarved from a Birch tree with preservation of all main peculiarities of the ancient craft. You’ll be impressed by the gorgeous authentic look and compact design of this wooden statue. According to Norse mythology, Njord lives in the city of Noatun and is considered as a God of wind, fishing, wealth and crop fertility. Being patron of the sailors, he protects and guides Viking warriors from the unpredictable sea storms that might happen during battles. The veneration of Njord has survived in Norvegian folk practice such as showing gratitude for a munificent catch of fish.

Whether you are searching for a new home table decor item or need something to look up and worship in your Pagan altar, this wooden carved Njord statue will become an exclusive addition to have. Harness the sea and wind energy into your house to grant positive intentions!


Description of Njord wooden statue:

  • Wood carved figure.
  • Made from Birch tree
  • It`s ready for shipping in 2-5 working days.
  • Average weight : 80-100 g.


Size of figurine:

  • The height is 6 inch | 15 cm.
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