Wikkedknot offer with post card

Offer with famous postcard

Just make an order on 99 USD or higher and you`ll receive for free original limited post card.


The history of famous postcard

The famous postcard the depicts the events of the first days of the war in Ukraine, when a group of border guards armed with light weapons was attacked by a warship.

The warship demanded to surrender, but in response received the already well-known phrase

"русский военный корабль иди на х.й"

in translation

"russian warship go f... yourself"


Postcard offer

Just make an order on wikkedknotjewelry.com on 99 USD or higher (shipping and taxes not including) and you`ll receive for free original post card with your order.

Ukrainian post card russian warship go f yourself.

This is a limited edition postcard. The offer is active till end of a summer 2022.

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