You can support Ukranian people in war for freedom

You can support Ukranian people in war for freedom

As you know, on February 24, the Russian Federation started a war in Ukraine with the aim of capturing and annexing my country to their empire. Putin boasted of his "best army in the world" and the ability to capture Ukraine in 3 days. But more than a month has passed and Russia has no success in their war against Ukraine. 

Putin is a dictator who wants to destroy civilized world.

Having failed, the Russians, out of desperation, went to war crimes and began to attack peaceful cities and the civilian population. Putin, imagining himself a new Fuhrer, and Russia a new Third Reich, set himself the goal of completely destroying the Ukrainian nation.

Mariupol city after russian bombing

Many cities suffered greatly from Russian aggression, especially Mariupol, Kharkov, Chernihiv and the suburbs of Kyiv.

Mariupol city after russian bombing

The Ukrainian nation is a peaceful nation that defends its land and people, we do not need other people's territories, but we will fight for our territory to the end, to victory. Ukrainians are now defending not only themselves, but the whole of Europe from the imperial ambitions of the old dictator, as Putin will not stop and planned a war with Europe and the Baltic.

This war of the free world against the tyranny of the dictatorship is a war for freedom, for the freedom of the whole world.

 You can support Ukraine making order or donate 

I am Alex as head artistan and founder Wikkedknot jewelry asking you for help. Since the beginning of the war, I have not left Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and I am trying to help my people as much as I can. I mobilized my business to finance funds to help victims of Russian aggression, internally displaced persons and help the Ukrainian army.

Because of the war, my production has stopped and I can only sell things that I have in stock. Right now it's just a shop on Etsy. You can support me by placing an order on Etsy. The link below:
or you can made donation on my personal PayPal account or use QR code
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