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Slavic mythology: Seal of Veles

Seal of Veles - a symbol of light and good

The seal of Veles is a powerful amulet of the Slavs. It is made in the shape of a bear paw and is considered one of the most powerful talismans.

The Slavs believed that Veles received his powers simultaneously from Light and Darkness. He was a brother of Svarog and possessed many knowledge. He knew how to manage all the elements and knew the language of animals. And he most often turned into a bear. Therefore, the Veles amulet is made in the shape of a bear paw. Particularly good people considered finding traces of clubfoot in the forest.

The charm of Veles is able to resist evil. With the help of this talisman, the Slavs could protect themselves from diseases, troubles and failures. And at the same time, they easily achieved their goals, and embodied the most crazy ideas in reality.

God Veles is the patron of nature and magic. Therefore, people respected him very much. After all, their whole life was connected with nature - working on the ground, picking mushrooms, berries, honey. Two holidays a year were dedicated to this particular god. One was celebrated in the summer, and the other in the winter.

How does the seal of Veles affect a person’s life?

Buy a talisman is advised to those who are engaged in trade, because Veles is especially favorable to them. It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee or are running your own business, and it doesn’t matter where you sell the goods, a bear’s paw will still help you. Sales will increase, the number of customers will increase, and there will be a minimum of losses.

God Veles is a very important symbol for magicians. Wearing a bear's paw will help to get in touch with this deity, get his support, show respect and loyalty to him.

Veles will also receive support from those working in the field of law and order. The press will protect against fatal injuries, dangerous situations, help to find the perpetrators and restore justice. This Slavic amulet is also very useful for creative personalities, because Veles helps to reveal talents, improve and develop.

Veles helps all travelers. He is an old man with a staff in a long cloak. In this way, the deity guides people on the right path and gives strength to overcome the difficulties that await on the road.

Veles print is suitable for people of any age and gender. The ancient Slavs believed that everyone who puts on a talisman becomes a child of Veles and falls under his reliable care. The Veles amulet helps to build a career, but also not to forget about your relatives. Also, wearing a bear's paw increases the craving for home comfort and the desire to make your home comfortable and clean.

Remember, Veles is a good deity who works for the good of people. The amulet will not help if you have bad intentions and you want to harm others.

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