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Vidar wooden figure

Vidar wooden figure

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The wooden figure of the strong and vengeful god Vidar


Get the better understanding of the ancient gods and their symbolism in action purchasing the stunningly carved figurine from my collection. Glorious and powerful, the statue of Vidar will definitely bring the part of great history into your house.
Norse mythology mentions Vidar as the god of revenge and silence, who is considered to be son of Odin and the giantess Grid. This wooden statue is hand carved and made from Birch tree. The wood figurine precisely demonstrates the peculiarities of Viking style. The combination of perfect form, cover and eco-material undeniably takes this item to the next level. This carving depicts a prophetic image, where Vidar holding a sword defeating monster Fenrir – the giant wolf. The famous scene tells about final moments of Ragnarok, the Norse Apocalypse, and is well-known in Norse mythology. Vidar decides to revenge for his father’s death. Thus, his image is the embodiment of commitment and vengeance. Moreover, Vidar is strong and represents the new beginning after huge tragedies.

If you like Norse Pagan art, this wooden sculpture will be perfect for your decor. Just place it on your home altar, and it will serve as an amulet providing you with strength and health.


Description of Vidar wooden figure:

  • Wood carved figure.
  • Made from Birch tree
  • It`s ready for shipping in 2-5 working days.
  • Average weight : 80-100 g.


Size of wooden figure:

  • The height is 6 inch | 15 cm.
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