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Spartan helmet silver pendant

Spartan helmet silver pendant

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Item Main Features:

- Material : Sterling silver solid (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper).

- Item made to order just for you.

- Shipping in wooden jewelry gift box.

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Spartan helmet for the modern day warrior

You are about to receive a unique piece from Spartan Jewelry collection that will definitely give you the spirit of a brave warrior. Whether you engage in actual fighting or emotionally finding your head and body exhausted from people, put your helmet on and don’t forget the shield!
Wear a jewelry filled with an ancient history of elite Spartans. The original hand casted two-sided pendant in form of shield undoubtedly will be a good match for any powerful look. This jewelry is made from Silver solid (925 Ag). From the both sides of the pendant, there are significant Spartan symbols. First, the Spartan helmet that able to evoke courage and strength whenever you wear it on your neck. Second, the Laconia symbol, presented as letter (Λ) with the famous expression above "Molon Labe" (Eng. “Come and take it”) speaks for itself.
Spartan warriors are famous all over the world for their bravery and good tactics, which later on has led them to a triumph. Ordering spartan helmet pendant from my collection is a great way to show your honor and appreciation to the ancient Greeks, and all men who fought for dignity and freedom. In order to secure the pendant, you may attach it to a simple rubber cord or silver leather necklace. If your man share a great interest in history or maybe even you yourself of a military profession, you are lucky to find a unique rare gift like this pendant. 

    Description of silver Spartan helmet pendant:

    • Material : Sterling silver solid (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper).
    • The item is made for order.
    • Ready for shipping in 5-10 working days.
    • Height: 48 mm | 1 9/10 inch
    • Width: 32 mm. | 1 3/10 inch
    • Weight: 21 gm. | 0.75 oz

    You can add for this pendant silver leather necklace.

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