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Roman eagle Aquila SPQR bronze ring

Roman eagle Aquila SPQR bronze ring

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Roman Aquila bronze ring:

Evoke the grandeur of ancient Rome with our Roman Aquila Signet Ring, a tribute to the legendary Roman legions and the glory of the Roman Empire. Crafted from Italian bronze with precision and reverence for history, this ring is an exquisite piece of historical jewelry that speaks volumes about the power and majesty of Rome.

The centerpiece of this remarkable ring is the Aquila, the Roman eagle coat of arms that served as a symbol of honor, strength, and the unwavering determination of the Roman legions. On either side of the Aquila, you'll find intricately detailed Roman shields, adding an authentic touch to this historical masterpiece. To top it all off, the ring proudly bears the revered SPQR emblem, an iconic symbol of Rome's authority and dominion.

Meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail, this eagle ring captures the essence of ancient Rome and its indomitable spirit. Its weight and quality are a testament to the enduring legacy of the Roman Empire, making it more than just a piece of jewelry - it's a relic of history and a symbol of strength.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a lover of Roman culture, or someone who appreciates finely crafted jewelry with a rich historical background, our Roman Aquila Ring is the perfect choice. It serves as a tangible link to the past, allowing you to carry the essence of ancient Rome with you wherever you go.

This mens ring is more than an accessory; it's a piece of history, artifact, an emblem of Roman grandeur, and a symbol of your appreciation for the enduring legacy of the Roman Empire. Embrace the magnificence of Rome with our Roman Aquila Ring, a testament to the splendor of an empire that once ruled the world.

Description of Roman Aquila bronze ring:


    • Material: Italian bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% Tin)
    • The ring is made for order.
    • It`s ready for shipping in 5-15 working days.
    • Average weight : 19 g.
    • Shipping in cardboard with logo box.


    Delivery info about Roman Aquila bronze ring:


      • US shipping time: 1-2 weeks
      • EU shipping time: 1-3 weeks
      • Other countries: 2-5 weeks
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