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Pirate Skull bronze coin

Pirate Skull bronze coin

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Pirate Skull coin

Introducing our Pirate Skull Coin, a meticulously crafted piece that combines the allure of pirate lore with practical everyday carry (EDC) functionality. This coin is perfect for collectors, adventurers, and those who appreciate the rugged charm of pirate treasures.

Design: Intricately detailed pirate skull and crossbones (Jolly Roger) on one side and a pirate compass on the other.

Material: High-quality Italian bronze solid that offers durability and a satisfying weight.

Functionality: Versatile as an EDC coin, challenge coin, hobo coin, worry coin, or haptic coin.

Set sail on a journey of intrigue and adventure with our Pirate Skull Coin. This custom coin features a meticulously crafted skull and crossbones (Jolly Roger) on one side, embodying the fearless spirit of the high seas, and a detailed pirate compass on the reverse, symbolizing navigation and discovery.

Made from high-quality metal, this coin boasts durability and a satisfying heft, making it an ideal addition to your EDC collection. Whether you use it as a challenge coin, worry coin, haptic coin, or simply as a unique collectible, it promises to stand out with its distinctive design and craftsmanship.

Perfect for military gifts, pirate enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the blend of historical charm and practical use, our Pirate Skull Coin is more than just a piece of metal - it's a token of adventure, courage, and the quest for treasure.

Embrace the spirit of the pirates and add this exceptional coin to your collection today. Order now and let your journey begin!

Pirate Skull description:


  • Diameter: 45 mm | 1 3/4 inch
  • Weight: 51 gm | 1.80 oz
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