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Odin wooden statue - altar candle holder

Odin wooden statue - altar candle holder

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The most powerful wooden statue of all-farther

How about to create a sacred Altar right in your house? A wooden statue from my collection will become a great addition to your home décor. The combination of natural material, its practicality and significance make you feel the mystery atmosphere of history.
This exclusive statue is devoted to the main God in Norse mythologyOdin. He was worshiped and honored for many centuries by Nordic people. Odin had many names and was considered as All-Farther, God of wisdom and war. According to North mythology, he scarified his eye in order to attain enlightenment and see the real world. That’s why he depicted as one eyed on the wooden statue. The magical power that he received made him a healer and shapeshifter. The wooden statue is neatly hand carved from birtch tree. Being made in the form of candle holder, it provides you with multi-functionality. You can use it as an item for special rituals, element of decoration, supporter for the candle.
Just as sacrificial action of Odin helped him to gain secret wisdom, having handcrafted wooden statue of All-farther as a part of your décor brings a hidden ancient enlightenment right into your house. Don’t hesitate to purchase this item if you like contemplating Viking art or collecting your personal pagan altar

    Description of Odin altar candle holder:

    • Wood carved figure.
    • Made from Birch tree
    • It`s ready for shipping in 2-5 working days.
    • Average weight : 80-100 g.


    Size of wooden altar:


    • Candle holder diameter: 1 1/2 inch | 4 cm
    • The height is: 4 1/2 inch | 11,5 cm.
    • The Width is : 2 1/2 inch | 6 cm.
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