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Bragi wooden statue

Bragi wooden statue

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The wooden statue of truly poetic Norse God

Did you ever hear of the Norse God Bragi? Intelligent and poetical, he challenges common stereotypes of Viking deities with a magical weapon and enormous physical strength. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make him less honorable or desirable among the collectors of a divine Nordic Altar.

The wooden statue designed in Viking art style has preserved all the main peculiarities of the ancient craft. It is hand carved from Birch tree. The natural material gives the statue an authentic look, and makes it gentle to the touch. According to Norse mythology, Bragi was a God of poetry, patron of skalds and bards. Vikings also regard him as the son of the God Odin. Bragi was often described as an extremely wise and very creative. His eloquence and passion to declaiming poems and songs has made him one of a kind God. He even had runes curved on his tongue.

Whether you are a Pagan, Viking or Asatru art lover, you’ll find something for your spirit in this statue. Moreover, the wooden statue of Bragi may bring the notes of Scandinavian decor into any house or become a glorious addition to a personal Gods Altar.


Description of Bragi wooden figure:

  • Wood carved figure.
  • Made from Birch tree
  • It`s ready for shipping in 2-5 working days.
  • Average weight : 80-100 g.
Size of figurine:


  • The height is 6 inch | 15 cm
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