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Morana sickel bronze pendant

Morana sickel bronze pendant

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The amulet of Mara (she's Marana, Morana, Morena, etc.) is dark goddess of death and winter made in shape of half moon or creepy sickle with skull. She moves the dead from the world of Yav to the Currant River into the Nav world in Slavic mythology, she the first witch. Morana is harbinger of winter and cold is her element, darkness and cold.
This necklace will be common as witchcraft, pagan, witchy jewelry. The Mara sickle pendant is my autors jewelry.

Pendant size:

  • Height: 48 mm. | 1 9/10 inch
  • Width: 20 mm. | 4/5 inch
  • Weight: 10 gm.  | 0.35 oz
  • Hole size: 4 mm. | 7/50 inch
  • Necklace length: 60 cm | 24 inch

 Description of bronze Morana pendant:

  • Material: Italian bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% Tin)
  • It`s ready for shipping in 1-5 working days.
  • Shipping in cardboard with logo box.

 Delivery info of Slavic Mara bronze pendant:

  • US shipping time: 1-2 weeks
  • EU shipping time: 1-3 weeks
  • Other countries: 2-5 weeks

You can be interested the silver plated variant of Mara`s sickel

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