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Mjolnir bronze pendant

Mjolnir bronze pendant

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Wear an exclusive Mjolnir pendant from my collection to underline your individuality and receive a protection from the Gods. Purchasing a wonderfully handmade piece of Viking Jewelry, provides you with esthetical satisfaction and unlimited source of power.

This pendant is made from bronze by handcasting in the form of hammer. The design is made in very original interpretation, curved twisted lines and knots gently binded to create a voluminous form of the hammer. According to North mythology, Mjolnir is name of magical tool, which was a precious possession of Thor. Believed to be a God of lighting in Norse mythology, he was a mighty protector of all Midgard. Thus, the symbol of Mjolnir considered to be a Talisman in Viking age, and many people wore it as a way to protect themselves from enemies. The hammer itself symbolizes rebirth and can crush everything on its way, as its endowed with infinite earth power. Experience Thor’s strength by wearing this gorgeous Mjolnir pendant.

Iconic and powerful, the pendant would become a perfect match for anyone who in love with Nordic or Celtic style. To secure a pendant just add a simple rubber cord or bronze leather necklace. Once this necklace put it around your neck, you’ll look irresistible.

    Description of Mjolnir bronze pendant:

    • Material: Italian bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% Tin)
    • It`s ready for shipping in 1-5 working days.
    • Shipping in cardboard with logo box.


    Thors hammer pendant size:


    • Length: 40 mm. | 1 3/5 inch
    • Width: 28 mm. | 1 1/10 inch
    • Weight: 35 gm. | 1,23 oz
    • Hole size: 7 mm. | 1/4 inch
    • You can add simple rubber cord for this pendant or bronze leather necklace.
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