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Helm of Awe custom coin

Helm of Awe custom coin

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Helm of Awe coin

The Helm of Awe Challenge Coin is not just a piece of metal; it's a symbol of strength, protection, and good fortune. Featuring the mesmerizing Helm of Awe on one side and the legendary duo, Sigurd and Fafnir, on the other, this coin will be your trusty companion through life's challenges.

Helm of Awe (Aegishjalmur): At the heart of this coin is the Helm of Awe, an ancient Viking symbol associated with fearlessness and protection. With its intricate design, it's a true work of art.

Sigurd and Fafnir: On the flip side, you'll find the heroic depiction of Sigurd, the dragon slayer, and the fierce dragon, Fafnir. This legendary scene captures the essence of Norse mythology.

Custom Coin: This is no ordinary coin. Crafted with attention to detail, it's a custom piece designed for those who appreciate the strength and mystique of Viking culture.

Versatile: Use this coins as a token of good fortune, carry it as a lucky charm, or keep it in your EDC (Everyday Carry) collection. It's a versatile piece that can be integrated into your life in many ways.

Metal Craftsmanship: Crafted from durable bronze through meticulous hand casting, this coin is built to withstand the test of time, just like the Viking spirit it represents.

The Helm of Awe, also known as "Aegishjalmur," is a symbol that's all about fearlessness and protection. Just as Viking warriors once invoked its power before battle, you can carry this coin with you as a talisman for life's challenges.

The other side of the coin features Sigurd, the dragon slayer, and Fafnir, the fierce dragon. This epic scene encapsulates the heroic and mythical aspects of Norse culture.

Our Helm of Awe Challenge Coin is not a mass-produced item. It's a custom piece of craftsmanship, designed to embody the strength and artistry of Viking and Norse heritage.

Carry this coin as a token of good fortune or include it in your EDC collection. It's small enough to carry with you every day and adds a touch of Viking mystique to your life.

Crafted from bronze through meticulous hand casting, this coin is not only a work of art but a durable and long-lasting item.

Embrace the Viking and Norse heritage with our Helm of Awe Hobo Coin. It's a tribute to the courage, fearlessness, and artistry of these legendary cultures.

Add this unique Helm of Awe Challenge Coin to your collection or use it as gifts it to men or women who values ​​Viking and Norse heritage. Order now and carry a piece of Viking strength and protection with you.

Helm of Awe coin description:


  • Diameter: 45 mm | 1 3/4 inch
  • Weight: 51 gm | 1.80 oz
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