Collection: Belt Buckles

The most unusual handmade custom buckles 

When you think of jewelry, belt buckles aren’t quite a common item that comes to your mind. However, you might have a change of heart after seeing my handcrafted collection of custom buckles.

To my opinion, the best belt buckles aren’t just a simple accessory to keep your pants from falling, but are the special items. Many of us associate their forms and style with the Western movies and cowboys. In my custom buckles collection, I tried to expand the common horizons and create a unique belt buckles inspired by eras of Viking, Slavic and Greek’s civilization.

Why don’t you consider a short info about belt buckles handcrafting and some style-tips before the desirable purchase?

Craftsmanship of buckles from then till now

Since the times of Ancient Rome, people start to create and distribute the belt buckles. At first, they were made from wrought iron used with practical intentions.  Throughout the time, the usage of belt buckles has spread worldwide and the new generations have brought up a new forms and designs. At the time of Civil War, the buckles became an essential part of military fashion as it helped to keep the soldier’s sword in right position.

At long last, belt buckles stopped to be used solely for functional purposes and gain popularity as an artistic way to assert one’s status. 

Don’t blur your identity by using a mass-market item

In a modern world, one should strive for quality and unique accessories to complete own look and stand out from the crowd. Buckles are, definitely, one of the best way to accent your style. That’s the reason many of us prefer custom buckles over mass-market

By purchasing a custom buckle from my collection you receive:

  • A high-quality buckle hand casted from stainless steel. Unlike machine production, each custom buckle is processed manually.
  • Unique design work with engraved symbol to complete your look and boost your self-image
  • Custom buckles perfectly fit both men and women’ outfit, thus can be a great gift for any occasion  

Whether you’re long-time buckles user, having an idea of ordering something exclusive or just wondering, go and see the options that best fit your style.

It’s easier than before to be original and speak to the world, just add to the cart a unique custom buckles of preferable design and purchase in one click.