Collection: Leather necklace Bronze clasps

Meet stylish and pleasant-to-touch leather necklaces with stainless steel or bronze clasps - ideal for the bronze pendants. They are unisex, and can be used as chokers, and can get personalized as you wish. 

All leather is processed using different techniques, which vary depending on the further intended use of the material. Tanning of animal hides, especially cattle, is usually used to ensure the durability and strength of the leather. The final animal skin can then be painted, etched, beaded, or stamped to create an entire selection of unique styles. Leather jewelry is an excellent casual choice for men and women of all ages.

Leather Style You Will Love

Step out of the box, and unravel the leather necklaces with this comfortable and chic collection. Leather necklaces are having a fashion moment this year that goes beyond bikers and rockers. Add some leather to your accessories by choosing this impressive selection of leather necklaces for the bronze pendant. The bronze and steel clasps will perfectly match your Slavic or Norse amulets

Even your most stylish and original outfits could get an extra bit of edge that a leather necklace can add to them. Choose a leather necklace with bronze clasps from our unrivaled selection, and transform your already stylish look into an ultra interesting and unique one. They would perfectly match different outfits, from denim to casual, from suits to dresses.

Rubber Origin Only

Whether you prefer not to use items of animal origin, we are honored to offer you the rubber cord (caoutchouc) necklace for a bronze pendant. Thanks to the natural rubber properties, these necklaces are soft and pleasant to touch. Transform your everyday casual looks into sophisticated and elegant outfits with the original rubber necklaces for bronze pendants. 

Perfect To Become Gifts 

A necklace with Odin Ravens or Dragon Head clasps could become an unforgettable surprise for your beloved ones. Every item arrives in a charming wooden jewelry box to surprise you even more. Our range of leather necklaces for women and men is stylish and authentic - most of them represent a part of Norse or Celtic history, emphasized by the bronze clasps. Let's not wait any longer to add leather necklaces from our selection to your accessories collection.