Collection: Norse bronze pendants

A charming collection of bronze Norse-style pendants with accurate engravings and Viking spirit. Thor’s Hammer, Viking Axe, Vegvisir Compass, and many others in our jewelry selection.

Accessories can have both a functional scope and a decorative one. Some can give the outfit a fresh touch and have a specific function at the same time. Others are only there to be a decoration. Some have usefulness and aesthetic that blend. And some amulets have a mysterious history behind them.

Mystery Of Norse Bronze Pendants

Generally, the Vikings were courageous combatants and adventurers who wanted to enjoy big unpredictable adventures continually. Neither death nor unknown locations could frighten them since they felt their Gods were guarding them. They wore jewelry and amulets because of their deep faith in divine protection from the wrong energies and brought them good fortune. 

The ancient legends and sagas say that Vikings particularly loved Norse bronze pendants and considered it like talismans against illnesses and bad events. They particularly loved bronze jewelry, one of the most ancient materials in the world. What made bronze fascinating was that it was a combination composed of copper and tin that possessed the excellent characteristics of both these metals. It was also cheaper than gold or silver, which made bronze jewels much more accessible for everyone.

Viking Amulets With A Value

Each talisman had its meaning and purpose - Norse warriors knew it, that is why they carefully selected the needed amulet. They thought that the Vegvisir bronze pendant could guide anyone that had roamed away and didn’t know how to find the way home. For wedding ceremonies and birth rituals, the most influential talisman was the Hammer of Thor. The Helm of Awe talisman protected warriors in battles and served them to persist even in the riskiest fights. 

Our unique selection offers different Norse bronze jewelry depicting ancient Viking runes and ornaments. Italian bronze made, the talismans will perfectly fit both men’s and women’s outfits and add a charming and unique air. Make an unforgettable gift to your beloved ones by buying a mythical Norse bronze pendant