Collection: Viking Bracelets | Hand Torc

The traditions of the great warriors and modernity

The era of the great warriors is in the past, but their exploits are remembered to this day. Any young man would be happy to receive such an artifact as a gift, marking the beginning of the glorious path of a warrior. Who said that in our time this atmosphere is lost?

Men's wrist bracelets will allow everyone to feel like a warrior and a hero. The jewelry is made manually and completely conveys the spirit of glorious times when brave Vikings plowed the seas, prayed to the northern gods and did great things that went down in history.

You can order men's bracelets on hand both for yourself and as a gift for loved ones. It takes about 10 days to complete an order. Made with soul and faith in the ideals of legendary warriors, such jewelry will perfectly emphasize your masculinity and willingness to crush any obstacles in your path. They contain the soul of the North.