Collection: Beard combs and hair accessories

Custom Beard Comb – Unique men’s pocket combs of high quality with legendary design

While looking for ways to tame your unruly hair, there is one tool you shouldn’t overlook –  a well-made beard comb. The custom beard combs from my collection are designed thoroughly to line up your facial hair avoiding scraping your skin or pulling out hair follicles. It combines both functionality and original handcrafted design. 

A beard as well as a mustache for a man is more than just facial hair, it is the expression of personality. With these high quality custom beard combs, you know you won’t lose your personal war 

Why combs are useful invention of ancient time

Without a doubt, pocket combs were one of the most useful inventions for grooming of the ages. Comb making required special skills and tools, therefore it was a handicraft hard to learn and to perform. Nowadays, we can easily find this tool distributed on the market, but dates back it was a needle in a haystack. According to findings, first known combs were formed over five thousand years ago, or even at times of early Persian settlements.

Historically, with the help comb people intended to secure long hair in place or to flatten out the dreadlocks. In addition, they used them as a decoration element for special festivals.

A true gift for the unique man

The Beard Comb’s Collection includes a Pocket-size beard and mustache combs. The form of item will fit perfectly in your pocket or in even your wallet. Groom your facial hair with exclusive custom combs anytime, anywhere. This stylish handy beard comb of sturdy construction provides not only functional durability but esthetical satisfaction as well. 

The custom beard combs would make an ideal gift for a brave-to-the-bones man, as a Valentine's Gift. It also may be given on anniversary or birthday with engraved initials. The design is unique and it fits perfectly in a grooming kit.

On today’s market it is hard to find such a unique comb of a high quality. But don’t worry there is still a chance with the custom beard comb collection. Each item is unique and made by metal hand casting.