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Mjolnir is the great hammer of Thor, a legendary sign, for the description of which there will be not enough one article.

The Thor's Hammer Legends

The ancient Norse legend claims that Mjolnir created dwarfs, which were also called Dvergs. Mjolnir received a short hilt due to the fact that Loki tried to stop the manufacture of the hammer. The artifact of the Thor's Hammer is characterized by the presence of a large number of magical abilities - it revives the dead, has the ability to return back to the owner, increases its strength. The amulet of Thor also possesses such abilities, believe it or not.

Pendants With a History Behind

The unique jewelry offers a wide selection of Thor Hammer pendants made in bronze or silver in ancient style with a modern touch. 

Mjolnir Hammer (pronounced as [miol-ne-er]) is the most popular, recognizable, and culturally significant symbol in Norse conviction. The Hammer belonged to Thor, the tireless God of Storms tasked with guarding Asgard, the Aesir's heavenly kingdom. Because Chaos' armies were continuously attempting to overthrow Asgard and slaughter Aesir, Thor's principal responsibility was to prevent Chaos from achieving their aim. His main armor was the Hammer, which had the supernatural power to magically return to its owner's hands after striking an opponent.

Mjolnir Hammer In Vikings Era


Apart from being a mighty weapon for Aesir's defense, the Hammer had an essential role in several traditional Norse rituals. Legends say that people used it in formal ceremonies to bless childbirths, weddings, and burials. Later, in the Vikings Age, the Mjolnir hammer talisman was widely used by warriors as the shield symbol and general protective talisman in battles. People wore it to show their trust in Thor, similar to how Christians wore cross amulets to show their trust in Christ.

Mjolnir Hammer Nowadays

Today the Mjolnir hammer amulet is usually worn by men and women who appreciate Norse Mythology and want to bring the symbol of Thor with them in everyday life. And this is a perfect place to buy an authentic pendant that offers a range of silver and bronze pendants with Nordic-inspired ornamental engravings. You can combine the amulet with a braided or silver necklace - both of them perfectly suit the style of the pendant. 

Comfort and Style: 2 in 1

The high-quality Mjolnir hammer pendants come to you in a wooden box, so they are already ideal to become excellent gift ideas for someone you love. The amulets are very detailed and have both round shapes and flat backsides. The last ones let the pendant sit on your chest gently without creating the issue. Experience the feeling of the ancient Vikings by wearing the weapon of the Storm God