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Many of us have heard the expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This is to say, if we behave like the people of the place where we are visiting, we’ll show our gratitude and appreciation to locals. As a jewelry designer-maker who has a keen interest in Ancient Roman culture, I assure you, today, the best way to stand out from the crowd and speak by hystorical means “To wear what Romans wore”.

No doubt, authentic jewelry from Ancient Roman times can cost you a fortune, but you may find the modern versions of Roman-inspired rings, necklaces, and pendants at an affordable price in my shop. They make you look stylish and speak to the world at no cost. All the items are exclusively designed and handcrafted by me.

A look back through decades

Due to an uncommon style of life, Ancient Romans used to wear intricate jewelry to dominate in the society and prove one’s power and status. Usually, the designs of Ancient Roman accessories were different. The would consist of elements borrowed from other cultures and civilizations. The popular motifs included the images of insects, birds, trees and other embellishments.


Moreover, jewelry was worn in Rome for religious and spiritual purposes, especially in public. Romans greatly cared about appearance and society opinion, that’s why they always strived to show the best jewelry they could find. 


Roman Jewelry consider to be timeless and desirable due to unique forms and variety of metals utilized by handcrafter. 



How to wear Roman Jewelry today


Ancient Roman art styles still influence modern day jewelry. You’ll find beautiful reproductions and even authentic pieces that highlight the beauty of Roman jewelry.

Whatever your budget is, you may browse for a necklace or modern ring made in Roman styles that best fits you. You can give it as a functional present to a special person or use as a breathtaking aesthetic item. Roman pendants resembling the form of the coin are also a popular choice.

Does Roman-style jewelry impress you? Which jewelry piece would you like to add in your collection? Just add it to your cart right now!