Collection: Slavic jewelry

Slavic jewelry - talismans for men and women

It is difficult to imagine the culture of the Slavs without amulets and talismans. They invested all the strength and power of their kin, and also believed in their magical properties. Slavic talismans and charms connected our ancestors with nature and deities. They did not part with them - they took with them on a long journey, wore around their neck every day, placed in the house. Our world is inhabited by gods and spirits, and what a person could see with his own eyes was only a small part of reality.

Each amulet is associated with some natural process or phenomenon. For example, fertility symbolized a field sown in the shape of a rhombus. Water was designated by the sign of the wave, fire by the cross, thunder by the hexagon. And each sign in the Slavs had a special meaning, therefore it is impossible to use it unnecessarily. After all, the Slavs respected nature very much and lived in fear of its power. In order to protect themselves from the elements, they used amulets.

Now the ancient Slavic symbols and amulets have not lost their popularity. Ukraine is a country in which it is very easy to buy the right Slavic amulet. They all look the same as in the days of the ancient Slavs. But if then the amulets were mainly made of wood, because it was the most affordable material, now masters use bronze, silver or brass. If you want to buy Slavic jewelry, then focus on intuition and be sure to find out the meaning of the mascot that you liked. After all, they are different. Some protect from evil spirits, others bring good luck, others help to succeed at work.