Collection: Leather necklace silver plated clasps

We are pleased to show you the custom collection of smooth and chic necklaces that will make your look more stylish.


Necklaces That Fit Everybody

You are mistaken if you believe a leather necklace with silver-plated clasps does not fit your style. Minimalist necklaces are suitable for women and men, regardless of age, and will adorn any outfit, from business to evening wear. And thanks to the refined clasps made of Italian bronze, your look will get even more unusual and stylish notes, and the necklace will gain originality and class. 

Unique Points of Leather Jewelry

It's worth saying that the closures are not the usual ones. Norwegian myths and stories about ancient Viking battles inspired the collection and made it possible to create this excellent handmade product. This collection of leather necklaces features Thor goats, bears, eagles, dragons, and other legendary creatures and deities.

Due to its features and characteristics, the leather retains its original appearance for a long time and is pretty easy to clean. In addition, over time, leather products become a little softer and gentler. These necklaces will continue to caress your skin with their delicate touch no matter how long you wear them, even after a year or two.

Elegance and Style

If you are into Norse myths and history, these exclusive necklaces will perfectly satisfy your passion and interests. They will caress your neck every day, reminding you of the power of Thor, the wisdom of a Dragon, and the honor of an Eagle. A piece of history will always be with you, no matter where you go. 

However, the best part of this collection is that even if you are not really into Celtic and Norse mythology, their custom style and thoroughly carved details will give your look authenticity and uniqueness that will impress others. Be ready to answer a lot of “Wow! Where did you get it?” questions. 

And if you're not a fan of leather products, a rubber caoutchouc necklace would be the perfect alternative for you. It's easily washable and long-lasting. Any pendant or amulet will be a great addition to an accessory like this made of natural material. Such a handmade necklace with silver plated clasps makes an excellent gift for those you love.