Collection: Norse silver plated pendants

Discover the collection of silver plated Norse pendants - unique accessories suitable for every occasion. 

As Vikings and Scandinavian people believed in the power of runes, we believe in the enormous charm and class the silver pendants can bring to any outfit you wear today. Thanks to the Norse history richness, you can select the amulet that represents you the most. The fact that silver plating is far more cost-effective than gold  or silver solid makes our pendants even more attractive.

How It Started

Compared to other valuable metals such as gold or platinum, silver-plating is cheaper at the moment, with the ame look of silver. Silver has been considered more valuable than gold at times throughout history. When it comes to the amount of silver used in jewelry, it surpasses all other types of metal.

Silver was of great importance to the Roman civilization because its monetary value was based on adequately minted silver. The use of gold for jewelry does not seem too excessive. With the collapse of the Roman supply routes, gold became uncommon in Europe. The unique metal used for jewelry was silver. The Vikings conquest of the northern and western coasts of Europe brought large quantities of this precious mineral to Scandinavia and the tradition of creating jewels out of it. Swedish metal mines were discovered in the late first century and also contributed to silver jewels usage.

Properties That Win 

Silver plating, like other valuable minerals, is prone to oxidation over time. On the other hand, silver-plated jewelry improves with age, and when properly cared for, it acquires a luscious patina. Treat your jewels with care, and they will reward you with a long life and a brilliant appearance. The big bonus that silver plated jewelry has over other metals is that it is pretty easy to care for - it is enough to clean them with mild soap and water solution to let the water bead up and then pat them with a soft cloth.