Collection: Greek mythology jewelry

Do you have a passionate love for the art of ancient Greeks as much as I do? If so, let me make you fall in love with its beauty even more by introducing you to my Greek Mythology Jewelry Collection by starting with a touch of Greek culture, history and tradition.

Culture of Ancient Greece has definitely influenced the world of modern fashion. Many designers and stylists are trying to bring in that special intimating, luxurious, and breathtaking charm of Ancient Greek jewelry into their works.

The jewelry of Ancient Greece

It’s no surprise that Ancient Greek jewelry is known for its beauty that makes your eyes dazzled and your heart hypnotized. While looking at such masterpieces, the world of great civilization pops into your head and you, in a sense, witnesses the story of people wearing its jewelry. All the accessories of that time have always come with deep meaning. To craft such masterpieces ancient greeks mostly used expensive metals, combining the form, the message and engraved images of divine gods. Certainly, Ancient Greek mythology jewelry has been associated with an elegance, social status, and a good taste at all times. Why don’t we take a quick trip to the past in order to realize the significance and meaning of Greek mythology jewelry throughout history.

Significance of jewelry in Ancient Greece

Many of us have heard of the Ancient Greek mythology stories, where one of the main purposes of Greeks’ life was to worship the gods passionately. The twelve Olympians were the major deities of the Greek pantheon, commonly known as Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo etc. Therefore, it had a great sense for the Greeks to incorporate their images in and present to the society through handmade jewelry. 

Nevertheless, the Ancient Greeks expressed respect for the gods and goddesses by means of jewelry, still it was all about demonstrating their power, social status and fancy. 

The Ancient Greeks definitely greatly affected the world’s perception of mythology, technology and fashion. 

My exclusive collection of Greek Mythology Jewelry was inspired by endless Greek mythology famous tales as well as their gorgeous art and astonishing handcrafted designs of jewelry. All of the items are made by hand casting free from stamps. 

If you’re sharing with me great interest about Greek myths and ancient Greek jewelries, check out my Greek Mythology Jewelry collection and choose your personal divine to worship.