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Mammen style Mjolnir bronze pendant

Mammen style Mjolnir bronze pendant

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Pendant of a glorious Thor’s hammer

Are you interested in artifacts from Viking Bronze Age time? Do not hesitate to take a close look at this Mammen style bronze pendant. You are about to purchase an exclusively handmade pendant that fits for men and women accessory and connects your soul to the mysterious energy of our ancestor’s world.

As a base for creating design of this Mjolnir Bronze pendant, the glorious Viking Mammen hammer was taken. The artifact known to be discovered in Denmark, and it dates back to year 970. It was found in a mystical grave of a warrior in Mammen village. The pendant is made in the form of Mjolnir (famous Thor’s Hammer), and hand casted from solid Italian bronze. In addition, it is luxuriously decorated on both sides with Mammen style ornaments. These truly unique Vegetal motifs were carved on a real Mammen Axe. Wavy S-shaped tendrils, spirals and concave indents are skillfully carved on the pendant. Mjolnir of the famous God Thor is considered to be a symbol of justice and rebirth. Having a mystical energy of ancient times, it provides protection from bad luck and enemies for its wearer.

For many centuries, men and woman used Thor’s hammer as an amulet. You can add simple rubber cord for this pendant or bronze leather necklace. This high quality replica of famous Norse jewelry, used as an accessory, will definitely bring attention to your personality.

    Description of Mammen style Mjolnir bronze pendant:


    • Material: Italian bronze solid (88 % Copper, 12% Tin)
    • It`s ready for shipping in 1-5 working days.
    • Shipping in cardboard with logo box.
    Thors hammer pendant size:


    • Length: 45 mm. | 1 3/4 inch
    • Width: 34 mm. | 1 3/10 inch
    • Weight: 27 gm. | 0.95 oz
    • Hole size: 7 mm. | 1/4 inch
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