How to Wear and Care Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver is a metal that needs little introduction. Even though it is slightly inferior in popularity to gold, the beauty and exquisite sheen of silver jewelry attracts the attention of many jewelry lovers. There is, however, one feature silver has that needs to consider when you buy it. Over time, it can tarnish, darken and look dirty. So what, should you give up silver rings and chains? Of course not, we will tell you the secrets of 925 sterling silver care.

A Bit Info About Chemical Processes that Cause with Silver When You Wear It

Silver is a metal that readily reacts chemically with oxygen, sulfur, and other elements. Moreover, ordinary human sweat often becomes the reason for oxidation and combination with sulfur. Cosmetics, detergents and even the composition of air and water play an equally important role.

Moreover, the higher the purity of the silver jewelry, the faster it can tarnish.

Therefore, proper care and adherence to wearing rules for silver jewelry are very important, especially for sterling silver ring care, because rings come into contact with our skin, detergents, cosmetics and other substances the most.

  • How to Wear Silver Jewelry in a Correct Way?
  • - Try to wear it as often as possible so that the jewelry polishes itself as you wear it.
    - Do not wear silver jewelry while your workouts or training routines, swimming in the pool or at sea.
    - Try to take it off when you cook food, come into contact with detergents.
    - Do not store silver jewelry outdoors - contact with oxygen will be destructive for it.
    - A humid environment is bad for silver. It will not rust, of course, but it will quickly darken.

    - The best way to store sterling silver jewelry is to keep it in a plastic or wooden box with a tight lid. Place a small pack with silicagel or with activated charcoal in the box to minimize humidity.

    Some Tips on How to Take Care of Your Sterling Silver 

    The best way to maintain your silver is by regularly polishing your jewelry. This is also the easiest way, moreover, and at the same time the best option for how to take care of oxidised jewelery. Polish with a dry piece of soft cloth, preferably with microfiber fibers. But both terry cloth and flannel will do. Paper towels should not be used - cellulose particles may remain on the surface.

    Gently wipe every detail of your jewelry in a progressive motion. Do not press, do not make circular motions. 

    It is also a good idea to buy special cleaning compounds for cleaning your silver jewelry - these are sold in jewelry stores. You can make such a composition yourself. For example, a mild soap and water solution and a baking soda solution in water are good options for DIY compounds for silver cleaning.

    If you do not know exactly how to clean turquoise and sterling jewelry, your jewelry is vintage and very expensive, or it has gemstones and enamel inserts, it is better to entrust the cleaning and polishing process to an experienced jeweler. So you will definitely preserve their beauty and exquisite shine.