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This shop represents the main hobby of my life. So I`d like to tell you how to turn a hobby into a small business?

My name is Alex and I am delighted to welcome you to my store. Here I would like to tell you the story of the creation of this business. I have been interested in Norse and Slavic mythology for many years, that is why I studied the traditions of the ancestors of this culture and their history. It could have remained just a hobby, but a few years ago I got hold of a paracord, which I liked so much that
I decided to try to create something by myself. So I started out with a few bracelets and key chains, which I later gave my friends or family members. Over time, I gained some experience, learned a lot and
found the courage to turn this hobby into a business to share it with more people. So I started my own store on May 11, 2017.

Of course, this served as a motivation for me to learn more spheres closely related to running my own business. I studied 3d design, social media promotion, creating respectable high-quality pictures, writing discription texts about my items.

Shop owner

This is how starting a small business can be a new stage in life.

Later, I was lucky to create a workshop where I received the opportunity to make jewelry using metal hand casting. Since then, all my jewelry made of metal is a real handicraft, made with great inspiration.
Thanks to this opportunity, I can create my own design of every jewelry and make the original model for casting, pouring it according to my own ideas and imagination. Quite recently, my successes in this area prompted me to tell the whole world about myself, and Etsy and Facebook are now helping me in this.

Each product that you see in this store is individually made and my
positive energy is put into it. Well, if you have similar hobbies and interests or you would like my crafts.

And yes, the next, but not the last step in the development of my business was the placement on Amazon and the creation of this website.


 And this is just the beginning of Wikkedknot jewelry!