Bronze Jewelry: Some Tips on How to Take Care About It and to Wear It

Bronze jewelry has been known to people for thousands of years. Even before gold became mainstream, bronze rings and earrings, bracelets and necklaces were the symbol of wealthy people. Today, fashion is changing, and the luxurious dark bronze is once again becoming the new black in jewelry trends.

But there is one reason why many people refuse to wear stylish and unusual bronze jewelry: due to the contact of copper in the alloy of bronze with the skin, it oxidizes and leaves an unsightly green coating on the fingers. This can ruin the mood of every fashionista. But don't fall in despair! We'll tell you some secrets on how to wear bronze jewelry correctly!

Several Hints on How to Wear Bronze Without Green Signs on Your Skin

Let's start with the simplest one. If you are wearing bronze rings or brasses, just cover their inner side that is in touch with a skin with a layer of colorless nail polish or some kind of nail strengthing liquid. It will create a thin membrane that will not allow the metal alloy to get oxidized.

In a long-lasting perspective, there is one more method of bronze jewelry care that is special varnish on an acrylic basis. These substances are widely used in art and hand-made practics. Just cover the inner surface of your favorite bronze piece of jewelry with one layer of an acrylic lacquer and you'll prevent it both from oxidizing and from UF damage along with tarnishing. 

Take one more tip on how to wear your bronze decorations without any green trace. That is, (what a surprise!) wax for your auto polishing routines! It is even more convenient to use due to its spraying origin. Shake a bottle a bit and spray the inner side with wax. In a liquid state, read the instruction for wax and follow it. 

Home Care Routine for Bronze Jewelry

Unsurprisingly, each piece of jewelry tends to damage and get dirty. Even the most careful use can lead to the fact your bronze necklace or a brass look dull. Let's provide easy DIY bronze and copper jewelry care.

  • Step 1: rub your bronze jewelry with a polishing cloth regularly. As even in statics, some dust, moisture or fat can stay on the surface. And they act like a real destroyer for your bronze jewelries. So do not miss that step for your bronze jewelry care.
  • Step 2: to get rid of all the dirt and to return shiny gloss to your bronze ring, care about it in the following way. Make a mild solution of casual soap in a cup of water. Put your rings or earrings in it and slightly rub them. Do not forget to dry it accurately with a soft dry cloth. 
  • Step 3: your brass jewelry care is fully complete if you perform some extra SPA-procedure for it. Make a kind of soft scrubbing liquor for your jewelry using fresh lemon juice and simple baking soda. Mix them in equal portions to get some kind of paste and apply this paste on your rings and brasses etc. Act like you are scrubbing the skin. Slightly chafe the mix in the jewelry's surface and leave it for a couple of minutes. You'll be surprised by its shine and clarity. 

Bronze ring care is not a complex and annoying process. You can simply place it in your daily schedule to keep your beautiful decorations of bronze and copper in a brilliant state. One more tip for you: do not keep the jewelry of bronze in the open air as the oxygen can be harmful to it, Better, place it in a clean, dry box with tight-fitting lead.